Database Design and Administration

CIM Concepts provides a full spectrum of database services from initial database design through ongoing database administration. Our staff has expertise with...

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Informix
  • MS Access
  • Database Design

    We'll design your database properly from the start, so it will function correctly for many years.  We understand and will build in indexes for efficiency and data integrity constraints to keep the data clean.  Triggers and database stored procedures will be used to their best effect.  And we'll provide ER diagrams to help you visualize the relationships between the data.

    Database Administration

    Full-featured relational database systems like Oracle and SQL Server require trained database administrators (DBA's) to support them.  CIM Concepts can help with your database administration needs, whether for planning, short-term crisis resolution, or ongoing support.

    We specialize in designing, implementing, and documenting comprehensive backup and recovery strategies for your database environment.