Our Partners

Canary Labs CIM Concepts uses Canary Labs Trend Link in our custom CIMserv process data integration solution.
Microsoft Certified Partner CIM Concepts is a Microsoft Certified Partner.
LimeWare Campany - Mining Assets to Deliver Reliability CIM Concepts partners with LimeWare to provide Foxray installation and integration support for Foxboro DCS systems at US manufacturing facilities.
N-able N-able Technologies products underpin CIM Concepts' Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services.
TheGreenBow Enterprise Security Software, IPSec VPN Client, Personal Firewall, File and Email encryption, Security Suite CIM Concepts is a reseller and integrator of TheGreenBow VPN software.
LogMeIn We use Remote Backup from LogMeIn, Inc. to provide internet-based backup services for our clients.
Novacam Technologies Inc. CIM Concepts has written software to analyze groove depth and width based on raw data from a Novacam interferometer device and has resold Novacam equipment for specific client needs.